Is green tea good for you?

green tea

Does green tea really have all the virtues that are credited to it? Does it prevent cancer as well as all the little ailments, like puffy eyes? Let’s see what his real powers are.

To drink or not to drink green tea every day?

drink green tea

A customer who orders green tea from a local cafe is expected to be healthy. Indeed, the list of recognized benefits of this rich drink filled with antioxidants continues to grow. Green tea is captivating the health world exponentially.
But can we drink green tea every day? Can this drink cause side effects? Let’s take a closer look!

Is it good to drink green tea?

drink green tea

Green tea, considered one of the healthiest drinks around, is said to have beneficial effects on every organ in our body. Research continues to provide new evidence for this.

What benefits does green tea provide?

drink green tea

Green tea plays a preventive role in serious chronic diseases, but also with all the small common problems such as acne or fatigue.

The daily cup of green tea is credited with the power to prevent cancer, as well as the power of tumor reduction. Drinking green tea every day can also improve heart health. Its antioxidants, called flavonoids, help reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) – or bad cholesterol – and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Plus, green tea acts as a superfood for the brain. It promotes concentration and prevents the cognitive decline associated with aging.

What are the other benefits of green tea?

drink green tea

Not only does it help keep your heart healthy and mind sharp, but green tea can also improve appearance too! It has the ability to fight acne and regenerate tired skin. Placing green tea bags under your eyes can reduce puffiness and dark circles in 15 minutes.

Is it risky to drink green tea every day?

drink green tea

You can take green tea a day, but not drink it throughout the day. You can even put it in the bath water. While the list of its benefits is long, it’s important not to overdo it. Experts recommend drinking one to five cups a day, no more.

If you are a heavy drinker of green tea, try to avoid the chemicals it may contain by always choosing organic green tea.

What are the side effects of green tea?

drink green tea

Green tea is a health drink par excellence. However, it can cause some unwanted effects. The caffeine it contains can cause insomnia, anxiety, or headaches when taken in too much or taken late in the day.

Over-consumption of green tea can also affect the absorption of iron in the body. Its antioxidants, called catechins, have remarkable health effects but can slow iron absorption and possibly cause anemia when taken in excess. It should be remembered that these negative effects will only occur with the overconsumption of this tea.

Five cups or less per day should provide good health benefits.

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